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inExhaust™ began when Juan and his business partner, Vice President & Co-Owner Mike Rodriguez, established the company in the early Spring of 2016. Incorporated in March of the same year, Juan and Mike then hired three employees and moved into their current building. Three and a half years later and the company has grown to 27 employees.

Mike’s history in the industry began in 1984 in Sun Valley, California, when he started working for GT Exhaust as a draftsman. When the company moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1992, Mike and the other original 11 employees also moved. Since then, Mike has worked in engineering, logistics and inside sales.

Q & A with Mike

What has kept you in the industry for over 35 years?
No two days are the same; never a dull moment. I enjoy the challenge.

What is your vision for the next 10 years of inExhaust™?
Grow to an ambitious but satisfactory level and employ most of the former GT Exhaust (quality) employees. Create a role model for other businesses and a culture that is copied and used in other companies. Help other aspiring future business owners with knowledge and direction.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Starting a company from the ground up with no money.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Realizing that the dream you dreamt is happening and you are providing jobs & great work, and trying to fill some “big shoes”. We had some great role models and our success reflects those people.


Favorite color:

Favorite superhero:

Favorite food:
Mexican & Italian

•  Avid comic book collector
•  Aspiring comic book artist
•  Trivia Buff