By: AJ Smith On: November 2, 2016 In: Press Releases Comments: 0

Co-Founder of GT Exhaust Systems, Inc. Inspired by inExhaust

When Gary and Don founded GT Exhaust Systems, Inc. in 1978, they had a vision of providing custom exhaust solutions built on quality. The company prided itself on treating its employees with respect and fostering a family-style work environment. So when the surviving co-founder visited inExhaust
(Innovative Exhaust Solutions, Inc.) he was reminded of the values he worked hard to instill in his company.

inExhaust, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, was founded in 2016 by former GT Exhaust employees Juan Breucop and Mike Rodriguez. After IAC closed its doors in December 2015, Juan and Mike felt the need to build a company based on GT’s original values, and currently all workers are former GT Exhaust employees.

“We wanted to return to that family-style environment, where employees are happy to come to work. We also wanted to bring back the excellent customer service GT Exhaust was known for, along with quality products and quick lead times.”, said Juan Breucop, President of inExhaust.

Vice President Mike Rodriguez began with GT Exhaust at the age of 18, and had spent his entire adult life working for them until the doors closed in 2015. Mike shares why he invested so much time with the company: “Gary and Don taught me about the value of hard work and always putting the customer first.”

Gary has made multiple visits and is continuously excited about the progress made since inExhaust opened its doors in March, 2016.