Exhaust Thimble - Combustible Walls

Exhaust thimbles provide protective transitions for piping where it is necessary to pass through walls and/or roofs safely to the outside atmosphere. Intended for structures with combustible or heat-sensitive materials. Thimble provides a weather-tight seal when used with hi-temperature sealant.**

Thimbles are critical in complying with local fire and safety regulations by protecting wall and/or roof material from exhaust tube heat. All inExhaust thimbles conform to NFPA 37 and 110.

  • All dimensions are in inches.
  • Customizations available.*
  • Includes clamp and rain guard.
  • Standard models include pest control.

Catalog standard thimbles modeled for 8” thick wall and/or flat roofs. Thimble to extend a minimum of 9” on each side of wall or roof.

*Customizations: Can be fit to roof curbs and/or roof pitch. Length may be customized for variable wall and roof thickness. Standard is carbon steel, stainless steel available. Call for estimate.

**Pipe and/or tube not included with thimble, but may be ordered separately from factory. Sealant not included.

Alternative names for thimbles: stack, chimney, stack insulator

Product Description

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