Explosion Relief Cover Kits are used to protect atmospheric vessels such as exhaust silencers from damage due to sudden pressure rises. (Backfires, etc.)

All dimensions are in inches. All weights are approximate in pounds.

Product Description

Exhaust Explosion Relief Cover Kit
Approximately 5 PSIG

• Cover: Carbon steel plate.
• Flange: Carbon steel plate with equally spaced holes.
• Springs: Carbon steel compression springs, zinc plated. NOTE: Springs are compressed to 3.5″ length. Heat will affect spring rate.
• Fasteners: Carbon steel, heavy hex, zinc plated, 1/2″ x 6″ long.
• Includes hex nut, hex jam nut and washer.
• Gasket: Full face graphite.

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NOTE: Only kits installed at the factory are covered under warranty.

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