Bellows Connector for Exhaust Systems

Stainless steel bellows connectors for Exhaust Systems. inExhaust™ expansion joints (AKA bellow) connectors are typically used to connect engines to silencers. Expansion joints are ideal where space is limited, but strength is a consideration. Some advantages are resistance to heat, expansion and vibration, and corrosion resistance to mention a few.

inExhaust™ offers a variety of expansion joints with standard or custom connections, length, material, and many other options. Single-ply or multi-ply available.

Add an inExhaust™ thermal insulation cover to protect from heat and send us your RFQ to [email protected]

  • Standard sizes from 2” to 30” and larger sizes available
  • 321 stainless-steel capsule, single-ply and multi-ply
  • Stainless-steel liner
  • Carbon steel or stainless-steel end fittings
  • All welding is T.I.G. Heli-Arc

Bellows Specifications

Click an image below to view product specifications and available library of documents.

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