By: AJ Smith On: May 4, 2020 In: Products Comments: 0

inExhaust™ wye and log connectors combine dual (or multi) exhaust engine outlets into a single connection for a more efficient outflow.

We offer a variety of wye and log connectors for many different engine applications. When you order, don’t forget to add an inExhaust™ nuts & bolts gasket kit and inExhaust™ thermal insulation removable cover (AKA wrap)! Send your RFQ to [email protected]

  • Wye connector standard construction is carbon steel with 321 stainless-steel flex hose or bellows.
  • Standard connections vary per engine model and may be replaced with ANSI flanges, engine flanges, or other connections.
  • Wye/log connector body and connections available in stainless-steel upon request.
  • All welding is T.I.G. Heli-Arc